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The most convenient way to reach the Amalfi Coast is via Salerno.
If you are coming from either Naples' or Rome's airports, you can catch a shuttle bus or cab to the main train station, and easily find a train to Salerno. From Naples International Airport, there's few direct buses to Amalfi Coast as well, although not all year long. From Rome, all trains will go by Naples, by the way, so you can also consider a stop to visit this unique city.
Once in Salerno, you can buy a bus ticket at the train station, and catch a bus to Amalfi right outside. There is a bus in every hour or so until the evening, a bit less during holidays. Buses on Amalfi Coast are quite a roller coaster and, especially in the hot summer days, you might want to skip all the tight turns or having to stand during the trip if the bus is overcrowded.
Ferries are a bit more expensive, but a much more enjoyable way to get to Amalfi. Once arrived at the Salerno train station, cross the road and walk straight for a few hundred meters to reach the seafront, where you will see the departure harbor. Ferries don't run in winter time and on rough sea days.
Of course, there's taxis too, right in front of the station; however, be prepared for an expensive fare, should you choose that.

Another option is to reach the Amalfi Coast via Sorrento. It takes longer, but it's a good choice if you have a very short time to spend on the coast, as you can stop for a visit in Sorrento and Positano along the way. There are local trains (Circumvesuviana), buses and ferries from Naples to Sorrento, then other buses and ferries from Sorrento to Amalfi, passing through Positano.

If you come by car, there are another couple of options, reaching Amalfi via Agerola (highway exit Castellammare di Stabia) or via the Chiunzi Pass (highway exit Angri Sud). Those routes are good for avoiding traffic on the busy hours and days, but it's better to follow them with a GPS device if you're not familiar with the area.

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  • Sita Sud (Amalfi Coast / Campania)
  • Pintour (Amalfi Coast / Naples International Airport)


Even though we are based in Amalfi, we only have a warehouse in which we store the bikes and meet for pick up and drop off, on appointment, so there's no shop open to public yet. Watch out should you be driving to us, as this street is in a limited traffic area only residents can access by car, you'd need to use a paid parking on the seafront. We can deliver rental bikes in the main square, by your accommodation or anywhere else in Amalfi's town center (at road level, up to 2 bikes at a time), free of charge. To deliver to Amalfi's hamlets or different towns, a transportation fee will be applied, based on the distance.
We only offer our services upon reservation, so we recommend contacting us at least a day in advance (but you're more likely to find availability on busy days if you reach us much earlier).

In the busy season, we are usually outdoors, either guiding tours or driving to deliver bikes. For that reason, we can often be unable to reply (or, even if we do, we might not be able to check availability or provide specific details right away), hence we prefer not to advertise the phone number.
The online contact form or an e-mail are always the best way to reach us but, for urgent needs, the mobile number is +39 3278515500. If you get no answer, you can also text or WhatsApp, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Despite being a relatively small area, in Amalfi Coast there is a wide variety of accommodations, and each town has different features to consider in order to pick the best place for you.
Amalfi itself is a good strategic place, very central on the coast, and from which you can take different directions for a day tour. However, you might want to settle down for something a bit cheaper, like the nearby towns. You can find plenty of hotels for all pockets in Minori or Maiori, while still enjoying being near the beach and a lively place in the evening. Conca dei Marini, on the other side, is a smaller and more isolated village, perfect if you're looking for quiet.
Ravello and Scala, despite being neighbors, are quite different from each other: the first is an elegant town, more on luxury side, dedicated to art and music, where many orchestral concerts take place in gorgeous venues facing the coast; Scala, on the other hand, is a smaller rural town rich in history, being the oldest town of the coast, and where you can find accommodations at lower prices. Both are not the best as a cycling starting point, being at the top of a steep climb, but they offer some outstanding views.
Getting farther from Amalfi, you can opt for Positano, which is quite pricey but it's one of the most popular destinations on the coast for its fashion shops and worldly mood. Praiano, quite close, is another beautiful and peaceful town with much more accessible prices.
Agerola is on a secondary route and technically not part of the Amalfi Coast, but it's the best for lovers of nature and tranquility, and it offers the probably best views and local food you can find around, at good prices. On the downside, it's on top of a long hill, so it's quite tough to come back by bike (and might put on test an e‑bike's battery life)!

While we could suggest you some specific accommodations we know personally, the best way to choose one, once you decided the best town for you, is to use one of the famous websites focusing on this kind of service, where you can sort them by price or rating, check for availability in real time, and read hundreds of reviews from previous guests.
One thing to keep in mind is that steps are very common here, and some accommodations might be only accessible by long stairways; in case your plan is to rent a bike for several days to go on day tours, you might want to make sure that your place is at street level or not too far. Better to also ask the staff if it's possible for them to store the bike in a safe place when you're not using it.

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You are in Italy, so you shouldn't really worry about food!
Italy's fame about food comes mostly from its southern regions, with Campania within its bests, thanks to Naples' specials like the tasty pizza, the aromatic espresso coffee, many traditional pastries and much more. You can find all of those here on the Coast, together with more typical products which vary from town to town; from Amalfi's peculiar lemons, used for sweets, liquors and even lemon-flavored pasta, to Agerola's outstanding mozzarellas, Cetara's anchovy sauce and so on.
On our full day trips, we have the chance to taste some of these at the reached locality, by having an energy-giving lunch at a typical restaurant recommended by us (not included in the tour price). If you prefer to have a shorter break or a cheaper option, you can also choose to just have some snacks on the go, or to bring your own packed meal.

Pre-payments and deposits can be made by either bank transfer (at least one week in advance) or PayPal.
You can also pay on the tour/rental day, by cash, card (Visa, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club or Union Pay) or Google and Apple Pay, just please let us know in advance, so we'll bring along the mobile POS device (in some places the device might have no connection; in this case, and if there is no possibility to try in a different place, payment will have to be made by cash or PayPal by the end of the rental/tour).

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer insurance coverage. The bikes have to be returned in the same conditions and complete with every accessory provided at their pick up; any damage, loss or theft of a bike or any of its parts will be charged to the customer.
While our area is quite safe and we never had a case of stolen bikes yet, it's always up to the customer to take good care of it, and never leave it unattended. On request, we can provide small locks to secure the bikes if you have a short break during your ride but, in case of multi-day rental, you should make sure to have a safe indoor place to store them at your accommodation between uses and overnight.

In case of steady rain, very strong wind or forecasts predicting so, if you booked a guided tour, it could be canceled at our own discretion, and fully reimbursed. If you booked for a simple bike rental, cancellation will be up to you, but eventual deposit or prepayment will be reimbursed anyway.
If it's overcast, threatening rain, raining lighly or briefly, or forecasting so, the choice will be up to you, if to go anyway or cancel your booking and get a reimbursement. It's also possible to just postpone the date, according to availability.
Changeable weather, scattered clouds, light wind or temperatures (they never get extreme here, and it's always possible to go cycling, with the right equipment) will not be an accepted reason to get the deposit refunded, in case of cancellation.
If you have rented a bike for multiple days, and one or more of these will be rainy, it will still be charged if you keep the bike, unless you return it earlier or we agree otherwise.

As you can read in the cycling info page, Amalfi Coast is not your typical cycle touring destination, with quiet countryside bicycle paths perfect for families but, due to the very few roads and small spaces, we have to get along with car drivers during our tours. We usually recommend a minimum age of 14, but age itself is not a real restriction: even if we try to stay away from the traffic as much as possible on our routes, basic riding skills are required anyway, in order to handle eventual hazards on narrow or busy road sections. It sounds more dangerous than it really is, but we want to make sure to discourage very unexperienced bikers, aside of their age, from going on an unsafe ride.
If you believe your children already have a good road education and are ready to ride along with cars, we will be happy to help your family enjoy a beautiful trip along the coast, enjoying views nowhere else to be found!
We don't regularly keep children bikes in stock, so an early notice will be needed for us in order to provide them.
For the very young, we can offer a child seat for trekking bikes or e-bikes, which will have to be rode by an experienced adult.
In any case, people under 18 years old can only join the tours or rent a bike in presence and under the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian.

E‑bikes, or pedelecs, are pedal assisted electric bicycles. They look and feel like a conventional bike, but with the addition of a small electric motor, which supports the rider while pedaling, at adjustable power levels. The bikes themselves can be of any existing category, like mountain, hybrid, foldable, etc. (even road e‑bikes are coming out lately! Those we offer are trekking e-bikes) so, even when the battery runs out, you can keep riding like normal, aside from some extra weight added by engine and battery (usually, at least 7 kg).
Year after year, new and more advanced models are coming out, with longer lasting batteries, smoother assistance and improved performance; e‑bikes are spreading fastly and, while they already work greatly in cities, they do wonders here in Amalfi Coast, allowing anyone to deal with our hills and enjoy a relaxing cycling tour, without all the pain of going uphill.
You still need to pedal: don't expect an accelerator or to be pushed like on a scooter, this is still cycling, just cheating a bit! The electric boost only triggers when you're pushing the pedals, adding power based on the assistance selected; you can choose to only have a little boost while on flat roads, to just compensate the extra weight, a medium level when things are getting tougher, and set it up to max power to face the steepest slopes: they will feel like you're still on a plain.
As required by law, the e‑bike can only push you up to 25 km/h; above that speed, it's up to you and your legs if you want to go faster! As for the battery life, our hills surely drain a lot from it, that's why we want to offer the best quality e‑bikes that will make sure you can cover at least 40 km on a challenging route, but even 60 km or more on easier roads, using the appropriate power level. On flat roads and at low power, they can even reach 100 km or more, too bad we don't have such roads here!

We mostly focus on slow to moderate paced sightseeing or relaxing trips. We are good riders, but not anywhere as fast as a professional cyclist, so wouldn't be able to keep up with you if you're looking for a challenging training tour at high speed!
In that case, we will be happy to provide you with our best quality road bikes for rental, or suggest you routes that will test your skills!

The conformation of our territory is not ideal for off-road cycling. While even smaller secondary roads are usually asphalted (although often in bad conditions), our beautiful but underrated mountain paths are great for hiking, but not suitable for cycling, due to the many steps, rocky terrain, extremely steep sections, and tight or dangerous parts. So, mountain biking goes from too easy to very difficult but, except for a few short circuits where some MTB races are held during the year, there are no long routes to ride on without at least having to carry the bike on long flights of steps.
If you are an expert enduro biker, we can point out to you some places where you can find some fun, but do not offer guided tours of this kind ourselves.

There is so much to see in this area that, unless you have plenty of time to spend here or a great schedule, you might have to do some tough choices. Favorite destinations can be subjective, so the following list is just our personal selection of places we think you should see.

  • Amalfi. No duh! Could you imagine visiting the Amalfi Coast without at least a stop in the town which it's named after? Names aside, you really can't miss a walk around this Ancient Maritime Republic in the middle of the coast, tasting its history while visiting its majestic Cathedral, and getting lost within its jointed alleys.
  • Ravello, a flowered balcony facing the coast. The quiet pathways with gorgeous views are a real pleasure for a relaxing stroll. Don't miss a visit to its lush villas Rufolo and Cimbrone, it's totally worth it!
  • Positano; next, we would put this romantic town nestled in the mountains and reaching the sea. If you like shopping, you won't come back without some fashionable souvenir.
  • The Path of the Gods is a trekking trail that leads to Positano from Agerola. It takes around 2-4 hours to hike, and you will hardly ever find another mountain path with such breathtaking views on the sea!
  • Ferriere Valley is a Natural Reserve just above Amalfi. It's a 2-3 hours walk that makes up for the many steps by surprising you with its ancient atmosphere, with paper mills ruins and a unique vegetation and climate that will make you think you're not in Amalfi Coast anymore.
  • Capri island is just off the peak of Sorrento Peninsula, and you can reach it by ferry or private boat from many towns of the coast. Exploring the many little grottos all around the island, with the Blue Grotto above all, is a terrific experience.
  • The Bay of Ieranto and Punta Campanella are both at the edge of the Sorrento Peninsula, in Massa Lubrense. The first is a wild and isolated beach, part of a Marine Reserve, while from Punta Campanella you can enjoy a view on both the gulfs of Naples and Salerno.
  • You can just have a look at it while passing by, or even stop a few hours for a swim but, in either case, don't miss the Fjord of Furore, an enchanted place coming straight from some fairy tale.
  • Pompeii and its ruins aren't really part of the area we focus on, but they're close enough to be a must, if you're interested in historical places.
  • Naples and the Mount Vesuvius volcano are also outside of our area, and famous enough not to need you to read about them on our list, but still: if you have enough time, don't miss them!

We are currently working on collecting routes to share on our cycling info page, and will add more from time to time. If you're coming soon and still haven't found a route appropriate for you, or need to plan a longer multi-day itinerary, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Any other questions? Ask us!

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