The island of Capri is a natural extension of Sorrento Peninsula, millions of years ago connected to its tip by a narrow strip of land, today submerged and forming the Bocca Piccola strait. Its surface of little more than 10 km² is split into two municipalities, Capri and Anacapri, together hosting around 14000 inhabitants. The island is one of the favorite day tour for visitors of Amalfi Coast and surrounding areas, as it's easily reachable by ferry from Amalfi, Positano (but there are few or no rides at all from those in winter time, November to March), or the more connected Sorrento and Naples. You can easily tell it apart from its peculiar Faraglioni sea stacks on the southeast side: the first one, "Stella" (star), is connected to the mainland; the middle one "di Mezzo", has a natural tunnel called Arch of Love, under which you're supposed to kiss your special one while passing through on a boat tour; the third, "di Fuori" (outer) or "Scopolo", hosts a very rare blue colored subspecies of the Italian wall lizard.
Once you land at the Marina Grande dock in Capri, there's a lot to choose from and visit during the day: let's start from the main square Piazzetta, a beloved stage by the international jet-set, which you can reach on foot or by a funicular. From there, it's worth going for a visit to Saint James' Charterhouse and the Gardens of Augustus, with their great view over the winding Krupp Street leading down to Marina Piccola beach, maybe savoring a tasty lemon ice slush. Once you're ready for lunch, you can save time by having something on the go, like the Caprese sandwich (with mozzarella, tomato and basil) and Caprese dessert (chocolate and almond cake), unless you prefer to sit at a fine dining restaurant, but beware of the expensive prices of the island!
Moving to Anacapri by bus, on the other side of the island, you'll find a less crowded and more relaxing atmosphere. The chair lift up to Mount Solaro usually has a long waiting line, but it's well worth the ride. The Church of Saint Michael is worth a look, with its hand painted ceramic floor. Last but not least, the Blue Grotto, most famous of the several caves all around the island (which you can visit on a boat tour); long waiting line for this as well, and it's not accessible when the sea is a little rough, but definitely a must see if you can make it!

We don't deliver bikes to Capri but, if you wish to bring them along to explore the island, most ferry companies allow them on board for an additional fee.

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