Cycling Vico Equense

Vico Equense

With its surface of almost 30 km², Vico Equense is the largest municipality of the whole Sorrento Peninsula. It is not as populated as the neighbor Castellammare di Stabia, though, as its center, on the northwest coast, is only a small fraction of it; most of the surface is mountain area, with many different small hamlets, and lots of wild nature. This town goes from sea level, to over 1400 m at the highest peak of Mount Sant'Angelo ai Tre Pizzi (also known as Molare, for its molar tooth shape), and with its many secondary roads connecting the villages, it's a great location for brave cyclists not afraid of some real challenge! The main one is the climb to Mount Faito, which can be started from Vico Equense's center (passing Patierno) or, if you're coming from Amalfi Coast, from Colli di San Pietro crossroad in Piano di Sorrento. From there, you'll find a very steep climb until the hamlet Arola; get some rest while going through the other hamlets Preazzano, Ticciano and Moiano, and then the main climb to Mount Faito will await for you. If you make it to the top of the road, you'll be greeted by a breathtaking viewpoint, and a few small cafés/restaurants to regain your strength (try the Provolone del Monaco cheese, the town's special). But that's not the end! If you're hungry for more, there are more local roads in Mount Faito, leading up another 250 m altitude until the Church of Saint Michael and its also amazing viewpoint; other ones are off-road trails, for some fun with a mountain bike. From Moiano, another steep but shorter climb is to the hamlet Santa Maria del Castello, where you can find a viewpoint from way above Positano that will leave you speechless!
With such a wide and beautiful area, there's too much for us to list, but let us mention a few more less known places, great for cycling or hiking: Mount Comune can be hiked from different sides, like from Santa Maria del Castello or Arola; from the latter, you can also reach either the nearby Camaldoli hermitage, or Mount Vico Alvano in Piano di Sorrento, which can be done also by mountain bike if you have good skills. A mountain bike can also lead you along the Sperlonga trail, starting from the St. Francis Convent and Church of St. Mary at Chieia. The Sorrentina Street used to be the main coast road leading out of the peninsula towards Castellammare di Stabia, hence it was always very busy but, since the opening of a new tunnel in 2014, it became a secondary road very nice for cycling, perfect for an easier ride; on the way, you can find the Scrajo spa. Punta Scutolo is closer to the border with Meta, and it is where the view of Sorrento Coast opens up. One last mention to the hidden Tordigliano beach at the edge of Amalfi Coast, reachable by a hike from the main road a few km past Positano.

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