Cycling Amalfi Coast

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast…

What's the best way to enjoy our beautiful sceneries, if not by riding a bicycle? You can feel the sea breeze, smell the scents, hear the wind, and take your time to admire the landscapes, while silently sliding through little borgs, world famous landmarks and hidden panoramic viewpoints, at your own pace.
Whether you are an avid cyclist looking for a top notch road bike to rent, an outdoor activities enthusiast desiring a relaxing guided tour on e‑bikes, or anything else in between, we got you covered!
With our selection of bicycles from different categories, such as road bikes, trekking bikes and e‑bikes, we can satisfy any cyclist category! Are you daunted by the many hills to climb in this area, afraid you're not fit enough to face them? Fear not, and try our most wanted pedal assisted electric bikes… You'll be amazed of how easily you can conquer the steepest slopes with so little effort, making your way to the mountain tops in the most relaxed way; almost like a scooter, leaving aside nasty noises and pollution!

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