Photo gallery

Little shaded spot on the Mount Faito climb.
Towards the entrance of Villa Cimbrone in Ravello.
A glimpse of Positano.
Sorrento Peninsula and Capri seen from the Mount Faito climb.
View of Li Galli (Sirenuse) archipelago.
View of Praiano from Vico Equense.
Cycling Amalfi Coast's cycling maps.
Bike guardian by the Emerald Grotto in Conca dei Marini.
Lemon slush seller at the Chiunzi Pass.
Mountain biking in Ravello.
View of Praiano from Agerola.
Blackberry season!
Praiano and Positano
A view of Agerola.
From shadow to light.
The wild side of Sorrento Peninsula.
Cetara on a sunny day in December.
View from Il Deserto monastery, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi.
View of Praiano from the Walk of Love in Furore.
Cycling by the Conca Cape.
Descending the coast road towards Amalfi.
Li Galli in Winter.
Sunny day in December.
View of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius Volcano from the road to Mount Faito.
Watch out for those rare foggy days, as you get no views from the top!
Downhill to Positano.
View over the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius from Chiunzi Pass (Tramonti).
Cycling on quiet roads even in high season.
A lovely couple for a romantic honeymoon.
Sunset cycling.
BH Prisma Sport, flat bar carbon road bike, by the sea.
Ravello's square.
San Giuliano spring in Agerola, 960 m above sea level.
View over Marina del Cantone, from above Nerano.
Flowered path to the Bay of Ieranto.
Getting closer to Capri.
A brief stop above the Emerald Grotto
Entering Amalfi Coast from Sorrento
Descending to Ravello
Beyond Positano…
Sporting vs touring cyclists!
Picture break in Conca dei Marini
From Marmorata (Ravello) towards Minori
Autumn in Conca dei Marini.
Lemon farming in Amalfi.
View of Positano from the hamlet Nocelle.
Flock crossing the road to Mount Faito.
Lizard by the Villa Cimbrone in Ravello.
Nativity scene in Praiano.
Marina della Lobra
Autumn in Amalfi.
Vietri sul Mare and Salerno.
Nativity scene in Vietri sul Mare.
View of Minori from above, climbing up to the Chiunzi Pass.
Some MTBing in Capo d'Orso, above Maiori.
The Bay of Ieranto.
The hamlets of Agerola.
Marina Grande beach.
The Sorrento Peninsula and Gulf of Naples.
On the road to Furore.
Seagull enjoying the calm sea and relaxing breeze.
Dawn in Praiano.
View of Praiano from Furore.
Welcome to Amalfi!
Amalfi with snow: a true rarity!
View from Vietri sul Mare in December.
Up to the mountain or down to the sea.
Cloudy Autumn sunset.
Fall on Lattari Mountains.
Amalfi Coast in Autumn.
View from above Sorrento.
Tordigliano beach.
Hidden beach.
Country road in Amalfi Coast.
Path to Punta Campanella.
View of Amalfi from far above.
A rare whirlwind out in the sea.
Seagull on the Norman Tower
View of Minori from Ravello
Seagull above Positano
View of Positano from Praiano

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