Price list

Bike rental

Are you just looking for a bicycle to rent, to go on your own? Choose your preferred category, our bikes are all high quality!

Bike category Per day
Trekking bike 30 €
Mountain bike
E‑bike 50 €
Road bike

Included in rental price:

  • helmet;
  • tube repair or replacement kit;
  • lock (on request);
  • bidon (on request);
  • rear panniers (on request for trekking and e-bikes);
  • cycling pedals for road or mountain bikes (flat, caged, SPD, SPD-SL or KÉO).

If you rent bicycles for multiple days, don't forget to warn the staff of your accommodation about that, to make sure they have a safe place indoors available to store them overnight. While choosing your lodging, you might also want to consider that several places in this area are not easy to reach, and might have long flights of stairs to climb, not the best when carrying a bike (especially the heavier e‑bikes) at the end of your trip.

Guided tours

For our day trips there are two possibilities:

  • a half day tour can be scheduled for the morning or afternoon, and lasts between 3 and 5 hours;
  • on a full day tour, you can enjoy a slow and relaxing experience, longer stops in the reached places, with free time for visits, and the possibility to ride on longer routes.
    At lunch time, you can choose either to get some snacks on the go, have your own packed meal, or go for a proper lunch stop at a typical Italian restaurant along the way, to taste the best local food and wine (not included in the tour price).

Our guided tours are available to individuals, couples or groups of any size, but the price changes according to the number of participants. While making a reservation, you can choose whether or not to keep it a private tour, or leave it open for other people to join in. The more people take part, the cheaper it gets for everyone!

Tour Price
Half day 75 € fixed + 50 € per person
Full day 150 € fixed + 75 € per person
Multi-day CONTACT US
Private tour
Groups 11+ people

Early bird? We have some great deals for you: book your tour at least one month in advance to receive a very special discount!
Contact us to find out more.

Included in guided tours:

  • Italian and English speaking local guide;
  • bike rental from any category;
  • helmet;
  • sports drink;
  • coffee or ice cream break.


If you are staying in different towns of Amalfi Coast or Sorrento Peninsula and have troubles reaching us in Amalfi to pick up the bike, have no worries: we can deliver it to you and pick it up at the end, at an extra fee. Same thing if you would like to start a guided tour from a different town but, in this case, we'll have to check if the option is viable, considering place and timing (we might need to deliver the bikes to your accommodation on the previous evening to have them ready in the morning, check the possibility of parking near your place, or consider other potential logistic issues).
Fees are based on the distance from Amalfi, and split into three zones:

Zone A:

Service Amalfi center Zone AZone BZone C Extra zone
One way delivery or pick up Free 15 €25 €40 € ~1 €/km from Amalfi
Delivery and pick up 25 €40 €70 € ~2 €/km from Amalfi

We can deliver up to 4 bikes (including max 2 e‑bikes) at a time, at the same delivery fee; for more bikes, costs may vary.

Note: we can only ensure delivery and pick up in spots where it's possible to stop by car; for accommodations harder to reach, we will need to make agreements about the delivery place. In some cases, we can deliver the bikes in the evening before the first day of rental, so you can have them ready anytime in the morning; if you wish so, and are able to store the bikes overnight at your place, let us know and we will check if the option is viable!

Don't wait too long, our bikes go out quick! Contact us now to check for availability.

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