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The Amalfi Coast is a worldwide famous destination, and for a while it has been offering a variety of tourist services to enjoy it in different ways, from boat trips to chauffeurs, scooter rental and trekking guides, to more focused and recent offerings like wine tours and cooking classes. Surprisingly enough, cycle tourism, an activity that has seen an exponential growth everywhere else, was still not very widespread here, probably due to the lack of dedicated services to meet the cyclists' needs, and to the peculiar morphology of the territory, with its many climbs and descents, scaring off people looking for relax. On the opposite, local cyclists from the surrounding areas, never lose the opportunity to come here for a Sunday ride, as they know very well how stunning of an experience it is.
We at Cycling Amalfi Coast know that as well, and that's the mission we were born to achieve: to promote this new environmental friendly way to explore the coast, support it by providing a top quality service and make it accessible to anyone able to ride a bicycle. We can provide custom routes and high end road bikes to experts, comfortable trekking bikes to the occasional riders and, last but not least, the innovative pedal assisted electric bikes, for those who fear they can't handle too much climbing, or anyone else who just wants to have an easy and effortless sightseeing tour.

I'm Daniele, nice to meet you!

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I was born in Salerno in 1986 and grew up in Amalfi. Since I was a child, I've always been drawn to cycling, and when I got my first bike in the teens, I began exploring the surrounding area, starting to fully understand how lucky I was to live in such a marvelous place. Later I bought an high end mountain bike, my trusty carbon steed, which made me expand my boundaries year after year. While I'm not a professional cyclist, and can't keep up in speed with an expert, I can cover pretty long distances, and got used to the long and steep climbs I often have to face to reach the best viewpoints on the coast. In years of training I reached all the places in Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula, gaining a great knowledge about our roads from a cyclist's perspective, which I'll be happy to share with you to get the best out of your cycling holiday!

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